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Program Details

Let's Go Places! gives seniors access to numerous activities monthly.

What You Need To Know:

  • You will receive a monthly calendar of activities through the mail or email.
  • You need to be 60+ to participate.
    • Being an ITNSunCoast member is not a requirement.
  • You need to make a reservation at least 3 business days before the scheduled event you want to go to:
  • You can find the description of scheduled activities after the monthly calendar. Special discounts are noted.
  • Payment:
    • If you are an ITNSunCoast member, the charge will be on your monthly statement.
    • If you are not an ITNSunCoast member, you need to pay when you make the reservation.
  • ITNSunCoast reserves the option to cancel an activity if not enough people register.
  • If you have email, you may receive special opportunities during the month.
  • Gather a few friends and go out and have some fun!
  • Please let us know your ideas on where you would like to go!